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This year, the Lunar New Year is on February 16, right after the yearly change of the stars. In 2018, we have the Star 9, called the star of growth and prosperity, which is located at the center of the house and gives it a hyper positive energy. The center of each house is an extremely important place in 2018 and everyone should enjoy its beneficial energy. The star 9 is good for expansion and happy events. Although beware, this is not a year for radical changes but rather for integration and solid foundations for a prosperous future. It’s also a year to strengthen what’s already been started and making it better. You have to make sure that you finish what you set your mind to before starting something else.

For those of you who are thinking about changing jobs this year, it would be better to wait and enjoy the year of the dog to commit to an attitude oriented towards listening and learning. Those of you who will adopt a more down to earth attitude with a lot of patience will get better results. Whatever your situation, it is not a year to be impetuous or impulsive, on the contrary, you ought to closely examine every aspect of your life before changing jobs, moving out of your house, or anything that requires a change of pace or place. The same thing applies for matters of the heart; you have to think carefully before making any big decision. The year 2018 has the characteristic to be a double terrestrial year. This year, the two earth elements support one another. Usually, such a configuration means more harmony and less conflicts but the nature of Earth has a character exceptionally hard and determined. Because of that, the atmosphere will be such that people will be hard to convince and negotiations will be difficult. Thus, the year of the dog could also indicate a strong and stubborn stance of conservative elements, all put together against progress and change.

The dog represents the month of October which is at the end of fall and at the beginning of winter. Because of that, the year of the dog will bring the decline of economic growth; the pace will slow down in 2018. The industries involved in the element of wood will have a good productivity throughout the year of the dog. The “wood” industries are linked to the environment, fashion, media, books, education, plants and flowers. The “fire” industries (energy, finance, entertainment) are also productive but not as profitable. The other industries such as “metal”, “water” and “earth” do not share such a prosperous year in 2018. It is important to note that the year can also bring rapid progress in industries linked to software, the Internet and the digital world in general.

Besides, if we compare with the seasons, the summer solstice is the peak of the Yang, of
externalization; the winter solstice is the peak of the Yin, of internal strength and of the spiritual. The dog represents the beginning of winter and is connected to spiritual, artistic and academic questions. This is a year for inner development and creation. Unfortunately, there may be tension and conflicts for cultural and religious reasons.

As for health, it is also important to be mindful of a more healthy diet, with a lot of antioxidant.

The second semester will be better than the first.

The people born in the year of the dragon will be in conflict with this year. They have to be particularly careful and restrain from high risk sports like driving fast cars, piloting planes, scuba diving, skydiving etc.
It is recommended that you wear a necklace with a rabbit to help minimize the negative influence. It is also recommended that they limit their direct trips to the North West because it is the direction of the in 2018. Grand Duke people born on the year of the dog, a year known to “offend the Grand Duke”, it is also best to wear a necklace representing a rabbit. The rats is afflicted with the 5 yellow this year, he will have to put a cure in the direction of the North.

The animals combined with the year of the Dog are the Rabbit, the Tiger and the Horse. Those animals are entering a year of harmony.

Let’s not forget that the Dog also represents strength and fidelity. The double ground reinforces this energy as well and we are hoping to all gain from a greater inner strength this year.


In order to put into practice the flying stars of the year to optimize your chances this year, here is the method you have to follow. To determine the right area of your house, you have to use a compass (you can download an app on your phone). Telling yourself “the sun rises here, so this must be east” and guess the directions simply does not work.

You need a plan, even a small one, from your apartment. Draw a square which demarcates your apartment. You have to divide each side of the square in 3 so you end up with 9 equal areas. Then, you’re going to define the directions of those areas; the easiest way to do this is to place yourself in the middle of the house with the compass and direct your compass on the different directions. In each box you’re going to put the corresponding direction: North, North-West, East, South-East, South, South-West, West, and North-West and of course the center.

Equipped with your plan and its areas, you’re going to take the stars’ numbers of the year on your plan (like in the drawing above). If an area is missing, this means that the energy of the star will have little effect on your house. There are 9 stars (it’s the numbers in the boxes). The stars 9, 8, 1, 6 and 4 are favorable, the stars 2 and 5 are not good for you; as well as the 3 and 7, though they have less of a negative impact.

There are two afflictions every year; Jupiter’s conflict and the “Three Killings”. If your house has 2 floors, you’ll have to put the remedies on each story.

I’m advising you to do a big cleaning before February 4th; if you don’t have the time, do it before the 16th. Clean up every nook of the house, the places you never clean, the kitchen and the areas affected by last year (South, South West, North West) which are going to welcome good stars so you can receive new positive energy from 2018.

We’re going to start by putting the remedies on the negative areas and then we’ll activate the positive areas. Let’s start by the negative stars.


The quarrelsome Star 3 to the NORTH EAST

It’s a wooden star which flies in the initial area of Earth.

If your room, office or façade are in this area, or if your front door is in this direction you’re going to gain from a good influence for literature and education but be careful, this star symbolizes anger and misunderstandings. It is a wooden star, you need fire to weaken it. Put a red lamp in this area, a red carpet to the front, red objects, and a calligraphy on a red paper. The other positive aspect is that this star can allow to end a stagnant situation. Do avoid to put an office or to sleep in this area, this could bring about arguments and stress. Be mindful of this star especially during March, May, July, and December 2018. Be careful not to renovate the area. Be careful not to renovate the NE1 (22, 5° – 37, 5°), affected by the 5 yellows and 3 killings this year.

The Star of Sickness 2 to the WEST

The black star of sickness 2 is to the West this year, it is a little undermined because it’s is in a metal area, though this remains a bad area. This star must be controlled. Put white or grey carpets with 6 pieces of metals connected together by a metal or white thread underneath or a salt cure. The traditional method to dissolve this 2 is to tie up a chain with 6 metal coins in the affected zone in the West of the house. You can put a Buddha of medicine, every symbol of healing or longevity (turtle, peach, wu lou, etc) preferably made from metal to the West of the living room or the office … if your bed is in this area and you can’t move it, put a metal Wu Lou on your nightstand.
Avoid putting anything red in this area.
Be especially mindful of this star during the following months: February, April, June, July, November 2018 and January 2019.

The 5 yellow to the NORTH

It is a star of the Earth which flies in an area initial area of water. It is the star of bad luck. You absolutely need to put cures to weaken it, especially because this year, the three killings all take place in this area.

It is best to hang a metal chiming to the North of the house to dissolve this negative energy. Don’t light up any candles or put any fountain or clocks in this area. Avoid the color red or yellow/orange. If your front door is to the North, put a metal chiming with 5 or 6 stems or 6 metal pieces tied to a metal string or a big metal object in your entrance hall. You can also use 6 coins under a white or grey carpet or a cure with 6 coins in a metal pot with salted water in the area and keep it there all year. The water and salt can be changed every month. The metal weakens the (Earth) of 5. You can also put a protective talisman on the North wall of your house. The worst months will be in May, July, September and October 2018. Leave this area alone, it is the most dangerous this year: don’t do any repairs, don’t move your furniture, no violent thumps on the walls or the floors.

The star of violence and theft 7 to the EAST

It’s a metal star which flies in an area where wood originates.

The star of violence flies to the East. It brings about financial losses, scams, all kinds of thefts, blood-related problems and arguments. For those of you who sleep towards the East or who live in a house which has a main entrance or a facade facing East, it is recommended to improve your overall security and insure your goods and valuables. The cure would be to put a big vase filled with salted water. The water must not move (no fountains or aquariums). When the kitchen is located towards the East, you have to be careful when using the stove (risk of a fire). Married couples who sleep towards the East might have more arguments in 2018. Having an office with the main entrance or the work area located towards the East might prove to be a financial advantage. However, make sure that your goods and work equipment are insured, beware of rivalries and be extremely careful when signing contracts or any other legal documents. Beware especially of this star during the following months: March, July, September and December 2018


The star 8 of prosperity to the SOUTH EAST

It’s a metal star which flies in an area where wood originates. The 8 star visits the South East this year. It’s the star of wealth and it opens perspectives of financial prosperity and stability. This creative and generous star will be of great use for people who work in the South East area. In 2018, try to stay in the South East as much as you can because this star will bring new opportunities of career advancement and wealth accumulation. People living in buildings or with front doors located in the South East area can expect luck in terms of money, career progression, possibilities of investments and a stable year in general. In business, the star 8 is meant for sales activities, marketing and communications. The months where the star will be most influential: April, May, June, July, August and September. You can put an aquarium or a fountain in this area. Beware of the SE1 (112,5°-127,5°) Sui Po which is in conflict with the Grand Duke Jupiter. Do not renovate in this area and if your door or facade is located towards the South East 1, this will not be favorable. Put a Pi Yao and the effigy of a rooster or a rabbit in this area.

The Star 6 of prosperity to the SOUTH WEST

It is a metal star which flies to an area where ground originates. The star 6 will bring about the luck of the sky to your house. It is favorable to women. The earth feeds the metal, thus this star is naturally activated. It is one of the most favorable areas for work and careers in 2018. If you are an employer, putting your employees in the South West region will make them more efficient. In 2018, the South West energy will open new opportunities and paths who seemed obstructed by obstacles in the past. Enjoy this favorable star to reinforce your leadership. People living in buildings with front doors located in the South West area can expect to have more influence and authority in 2018. Companies who have their main entrance or their main offices located in the South West will gain more recognition, will be more valued and respected on the field. 2018 is the perfect year to establish a name or a new brand. Months where the stars will be most influential: March, May, December and January 2019.

The star 1 of victory to the NORTH WEST

It’s a water star which flies in an area where metal originates. The metal leads to water, this star is automatically activated. The white star 1 brings about victory, success and luck to everyone; especially for business, finance, sales and business trips as well as teaching industries, and consulting. If this part of the house is where your front door is, you can be sure that your luck this year will be abundant. This star is also the star of love. Put up family pictures, double happiness, peonies, and mandarin ducks in this area. The North West is turning out to be a good place to sleep, study and work. It favors the chances of having a career and brings financial success. People who live in places where the main entrance is located towards the North West can expect good communication, smooth relationships and to connect with people who support you. Months where the star will be the most influential: February, July, August, and September. Beware of the North West 3 (322,5 – 337,50) in 2018 because of the 3 killings. North West 1 (292,5 – 307,50 : Area of the Grand Duke. Do not renovate or disturb this area. Put up a Pi Yao.

The star 4 of learning and studies to the SOUTH

The Star 4, which rules academic successes, flies to the South in 2018. It’s a star made of wood which flies to an area where fire originates. As a star favorable to the literary and academic arts, it supports studies, writing, success with exams and other intellectual activities. In order to use those qualities, studying and spending time in the southern area would be good in 2018. Besides, all the companies dealing with consultations, education, trips, romantic and artistic activities can expect to benefit from the South in 2018. You can expect your company to do well and to know a significant success if your building has offices with a main entrance located to the South or even if a part of the building is located in that direction. It’s a good year to improve public relations and marketing. You can put up a 7 floor pagoda and/or 4 green bamboos in this part of the house for education and luck. But the influences of the star 4 can be reinforced by placing a copy machine, a television, a radio, a fan or any other mobile or loud object in the South zone in 2018. Months where the star will be most influential: February, March, October, November and December 2018.

The star 9 of prosperity in the CENTER

It’s a fire star which flies in an area where ground originates. In 2018, we find the Star 9, called Star of growth and prosperity, which settles in the center of the house and gives it a positive energy. The central zone of each house is like a big zone in 2018 and everyone should benefit from its positive energy in the Center. In the 20 year period, the 8 at the center, the combination of 8/9 is one of the best. The Center is becoming a very good place to sleep, study and work. It favors the chances to have a career and will be enjoyable in terms of money, so you’ll have to use it as much as you can in 2018! The one who is looking for new opportunities with their career and/or looks for a professional expansion should look for the central location in 2018. To reinforce the positive energy, put up red lights, a red carpet, and family pictures in the center. Spend as much time as you can there, unclutter the central space so that the energy can circulate. Months where the energy will be the most influential: June, July, August, and October 2018


Sui – Grand Duke Jupiter. This year, the Grand Duke is precisely between 112,5° and 127,5. It takes up 15° of the Dragon. It is sitting down to the North West 1 looking at the South East 1. Thus you shouldn’t “move the ground” or do any important work in this direction this year. It would also be best if your office wasn’t In this area. Do not face this direction. Don’t defy the Grand Duke. Put a Pi Yao to the North West facing the North West 1. People who have the dragon sign will put a little statue of a rooster made of metal before February 4 in order to protect themselves. Dog, Dragon, Goat, Buffalo, Rats, and Horse should wear the talisman Tsai Sui to protect themselves.

Sui Po/ South East 1
The South East is the « crash position » against the Grand Duke, it’s also not a good position to sit down. You can look in this direction but the area is not in your advantage. Avoid any renovation or disturbance in the QI in the Tsai Sui and Sui Po zones. Put the cures before February 4.

The Three Killings

The three killings represent the position of the planet Mercury. They are located in the expanded North: 322,5° and 37,5°. It’s also not recommended to sit with your back to this direction and to put your head to the expanded North when you’re sleeping. You can face the direction but do not put your back to it. If your front door is facing this direction, put a metal Qi Lin statue. You can also put the 3 keepers in the North area of your house, office or living room. You can’t disturb the energy of this area. No construction. Pig, Rat ad Buffalo have to wear the talisman of the 3 keepers to protect themselves.

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