Office and Professional Workspace Assessments

Office and Professional Workspace Assessments

Bureau ancien positionné en Feng Shui

On the work market today there is a new generation of 25-35 year olds who are very sensitive to well-being and the quality of life, rather than making money at all costs. Organizing your interior space with Feng Shui can be an asset to help recruit good team members.

We know that your workspace is a place where you spend at least 8 hours a day and it is not easy to change your habits. We work on the general space of your business and on each individual’s workspace. Of course it is always easier to arrange the space in accordance with Feng Shui principles before it opens for business.

This is how we work:

  1. First visit: Using the Luopan Chinese compass, we determine the exact direction of your business. We also take readings with you to identify the workspaces and positions of each individual. We take their names and dates of birth.
  2. We work out the diagnosis, the cures to use and favourable dates as well as each individual’s astrological chart.
  3. Second visit: We provide you with the plan and layout solutions and propose possible dates for positioning the furniture as well as a detailed written report. Regarding the cures, we can either supply them and place them for you, or, if you prefer to buy them yourself, we show you the exact positions which you can mark in your own way to avoid any confusion.

When we work from a plan, we would need you to provide us with photos of the building and surrounding street, a photo of the entrance to the building and your business and, if possible, a photo of each room. But we can also work without photos.

This is a very meticulous tailor-made Feng Shui which we put at your service to obtain the best performances and above all, better energy in your business.