Advice for a spring cleaning office

Advice for a spring cleaning office

I recommend that you put your office in order by taking inspiration from David Allen’s method: Organize yourself for success: The Getting Things Done method or the art of efficiency without the stress.
The concept is simple. You gather all your documents, objects etc. that you’re going to refer to as “input”; then you’re going to put those inputs in two categories: “doable” and “not doable”

What to do of these things are not “not doable”

1) Is of no use, expired: bin/trash
2) Might be of use one day: put it in a schedule or a file cabinet
3) Reference: you can easily find it and might be of use at any moment.

What to do if these things are “doable”

1) If it takes less than 2 minutes, do it the following instant
2) If not, put a pin in it (schedule)
3) If it’s a project, make a “project” file.

Take two whole days to do this process of organization. You will have to file, sort, archive, and throw away a lot of things before you get to a fully functional, non-congested space. This will clear your head and help you be more efficient.

Good Luck – This weekend is a great opportunity to do it.

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