Our philosophy

Our philosophy

Our Taoist approach to Feng Shui, to energy and to life enables a free interpretation of the principles of Feng Shui. Whenever possible we recommend discreet cures so as not to alter your interior design or we work with you on colours and elements if you are interested in changing your interior.

Our diagnosis is adapted to each space, person or family, with total respect for the energy and choices of each individual.

Taoist temple between heaven and earthWe realise that the inside of your house is your privacy and the solutions we propose will respect your taste and your lifestyle. Our work is based on the mathematical method of flying stars, but also on the vibrations of the space, intuition and our experience.

It is important to determine with you your requirements: money, health, work and life force, so that we can propose a tailor-made solution. Our work will essentially be based on the orientation of people regarding their bed, desk, sofa, etc.

Whether for work or home, placement according to Feng Shui will create new spaces and make it easier for you to organise. Feng Shui guidelines are full of practicality and common sense.

Finally, we offer a Feng Shui diagnosis where you purchase the cures yourself and a diagnosis where we provide the cures (except fountains and other big purchases) and or a numerological analysis and a tarot reading. Our system is à La Carte.




Home Assessments


We work from plans or on site.

On site:

When we contact you for the first time, we ask you to give us your date of birth, name and address and if possible a plan of the house, but this can also be done during our first visit.


2) The first visit is free of charge (in Paris and the suburbs only). On this occasion, we will determine, using the Luopan (Chinese compass) the precise direction of your house among the 24 mountains. We also take references and identify problems with you.


3) We work in our offices on the elaboration of the diagnosis, cures to use and dates which are favourable.


4) The second visit takes place one to two weeks later. We present you with the plan and the solutions, and the suggested dates for the changes and according to the formula you’ve chosen, the talismans and cures and/or a numerological analysis. If possible, we place the cures with you, but as this is often not practical, we show you the exact location to place the cures that you can mark in your own way to avoid any confusion.

When working from a plan, it is best if you can provide us with photos of the building and the surrounding streets, a photo of your front door and if possible a photo of each room. We will then send you the modified plan with a written summary of the new space arrangement.

In any case, in the months following our initial diagnosis we can be contacted by phone or email to answer your questions and help you make any readjustments, if necessary,

Once the cures are in place and the new orientation has taken place, results occur in 3 months maximum.